The Crazy Kukla Boutique!

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Penelope and Lane are so excited about this! Last September we (when we were still only Poppies Blooming) were given the amazing blessing of getting to design a website, logo, and an online shop for our friend, Kim Simpson. She is crazy. I mean, her online SHOP was called The Crazy Kukla Boutique. A Children’s Boutique.

I had so much fun making little Kukla’s (Russian dolls) for the different products she has! Probably too much fun but you just can’t help but have fun with The Crazy Kukla Boutique!

Now, I had already heard of The Crazy Kukla Boutique, from afar, because so many of my friends were buying up her beautiful and FUN, brightly coloured and wonderfully girly dresses for their little girls! And cute, boyishly fun outfits for their boys! She has the BEST designs for her clothing. Basically she invents as she goes! And the result landed her not one but TWO times being featured on Zulily. So, you would think, wow that is big. It is. It WAS.

But NOW. This. She is opening her own ACTUAL shop. Floors, walls, ceiling, windows and doors! And oh my goodness it promises to be nothing short of amazing! So, again, Penelope and Lane were given the FUN and amazing opportunity to design business cards, brochures, leaflets, tags for clothing, and a great big, BIGGER than life, SIGN.

Lights and all… for The Crazy Kukla Boutique!
The shop is already shaping up to be amazing! She and her husband are creating more than a shop, they are making it a FUN and exciting place for children. She is going to have birthday parties, and sewing classes and parties! Seriously, if you live nearby it is a MUST SEE for all!

She even has her own buttons.

Grand Opening is April 25 at 10:00. 17 South Public Square, Murfreesboro.

Like The Crazy Kukla Boutique on Facebook so you don’t miss a single thing! (you can like her page right here if you want!)And be sure to bookmark and by all means, if you are anywhere within three states of Tennessee you simply MUST visit the shop!

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