London Falling Down…

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This is a post from my former blog on this date 5 years ago. The London Riots. It’s hard to believe it has already been 5 years and yet it is still such a fresh memory. In many ways it is very surreal. It was days and days of watching the news til the wee early morning watching to see where they were rioting, looting and destroying whatever they could. We didn’t want to stay up late watching, but those in London anywhere near the riots were watching because they feared they would be next. We nearly were but by the Grace of God, we were not.


o weapon that is formed against us shall prosper
and every tongue that arises against us in judgment I do condemn.
This is our heritage as a servant of the Lord and our righteousness is from You, O Lord of Hosts.
If there are those who have been speaking or praying against us, or seeking to harm us, or who have rejected us,
We forgive them.
Having forgiven them, we bless them in the Name of the Lord.
Now I declare, O Lord, that You and You alone are our God. Besides You there is no other;
a just God and a Saviour; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we worship you!
We submit ourselves afresh to You today in unreserved obedience. Having submitted to You, Lord, we do as Your Word directs.
We resist the devil: all his pressures, his attacks, his deceptions and every instrument or agent he would seek to use against us.
We do not submit! we resist him, drive him from us and exclude him from us in the mighty Name of Jesus, the Name above all names.

Please pray for London…

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